We provide a variety of services to our commercial and residential clients

  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Monitoring and Data Acquisition
  • Renewable Energy Site Evaluations
  • Carbon Auditing and Consulting
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Energy Auditing and Energy Efficiency Consulting

There are a number of different areas where your building could be losing energy and wasting money: inefficient appliances, heating systems, controls, lighting, older or improperly programmed thermostats, leaky windows and doors, “phantom” loads, poor insulation and the list goes on. Solutions don’t have to be complicated but you do need identify the problems, and that’s why you need an Energy Audit from REmeasure. We will review your utility bills and perform a comprehensive energy evaluation of your building. With the right equipment and the right expertise, we will identify where your building is losing energy and identify the most cost-effective solutions. It’s never been easier since incentive programs can provide up to 50% savings towards the cost of an Energy Audit.

Project Management

Once REmeasure has identified an opportunity to save energy and money through one of our Energy Audits, we also offer contractor services to manage the retrofit project. We’ll ensure that the equipment gets installed and commissioned properly, and will even provide measurement & verification (M & V) services to quantify the savings. Our project management services also extend beyond equipment retrofits. We manage the installation of building automation or energy managements systems and provide on-going services. These systems make your building “smarter” and ensure that different building components are co-operating together to generate an overall savings.

Measurement & Verification

The decision to invest in an energy efficiency retrofit can save energy and money – but only if the retrofit is working as expected. How will you ensure that you are getting the maximum return from your investment? The process of measuring the savings from an energy retrofit is called Measurement & Verification (M & V). M & V may seem simple enough but there are actually numerous pitfalls that can end up wasting time and money, leading to inaccurate or erroneous results. We having the training and certification to develop and implement M & V plans according to the widely-recognized International Performance Measurement and Verification protocol (IPMVP). Performing M & V according to a standardized comprehensive plan ensures that you’ll be successful in measuring savings and safeguards your investment by identifying any issues that might be hurting performance.

Monitoring & Data Acquisition

In commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, the need often arises for scientific measurements and long-term data collection. Whether the data is for energy consumption, power quality, atmospheric conditions, indoor air quality, fluid flow rates, noise levels or any number of other possible parameters, the general approach to data acquisition is the same. There needs to be: (1) a monitoring plan, (2) design, procurement and assembly of an instrumentation package, (3) installation and commissioning of the instrumentation package, (4) ongoing quality control of the data collection and (5) analysis of the results. This process requires specialized knowledge. At REmeasure, data acquisition and monitoring is a core area of expertise.

Renewable Energy Site Evaluations

More and more homeowners, business owners and building managers are opting to install renewable energy systems in their buildings. In the process, they are saving money, receiving building energy certifications, reducing their carbon footprints, promoting their brand, and achieving a variety of other goals. For those looking to get started, there are many options and it’s hard to know where to begin. At Re-Measure, we are experts in numerous renewable energy systems, including: solar domestic hot water heating, small-scale wind turbines, photovoltaics (solar panels), solar air heating, heat pumps and off-grid systems. We provide third-party consultation services that will (1) evaluate the suitability of your site for a renewable energy system and (2) help to determine which system-types are a good fit for you or your organization from the perspective of operation and maintenance.

Carbon Auditing & Consulting

Governments around the world have identified the need to drastically reduce carbon emissions so as to avoid the worst consequences of global climate change. In fact, Canada has committed to reduce our national carbon emissions by 80% in the first have of this century. Individuals and business owners alike have a social responsibility to do their part in meeting this challenge, but it’s not just a challenge – it’s also an opportunity for businesses to reduce operating costs through energy conservation measures (ECMs) and to gain an edge within a growing environmentally-conscious consumer base. Carbon emissions result from a variety of activities - vehicles, electricity, gas, waste, consumption of goods, industrial processes, etc. The first stage of reducing those emissions is quantifying them, and also determining how that breaks down in your facility. A Carbon Audit from REmeasure will take care of that for you. We’ll provide a breakdown of your emissions and then work with you to generate a realistic reduction target that identifies high-impact lowest-cost reduction strategies.