Our Story

We turn challenges into opportunities.

The idea for REmeasure was born during conversations in the workplace and at home where we often found our colleagues and friends asking for advice on how to cut their energy bills, save money and reduce their impact on the environment. We figured that they are probably not that different from many others, good people wanting to make good decisions but maybe not having the tools they need to move forward. So we started REmeasure.

At its core, what we do is empower our customers to make smart choices when it comes to saving energy by providing the information and expertise they need. Step 1 is identifying how a home or building uses energy; Step 2 is determining the most cost-effective solutions for reducing it; and Step 3 is putting that knowledge into action. After all, when solutions can be simple, why spend money on wasted energy?

But deeper than that, we realize that the future of the environment for our children is dependent on the impact we have today and the energy we consume is a large part of that. We can all do our part to help safeguard that future. We are just passionate about making it easy for those looking to take the first step.

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